People in Microsec

People working at Microsec R&D Inc.

Ed Haslam is a Victoria designer specializing in digital/analog designs and radio communication. He has done extensive work on the Global Warming Project monitoring animal behavior. He has designed a line of ultra miniature data acquisition and radio communication products that are available for remote monitoring and animal tagging as well as developing a testing system for automotive shock absorbers. Other projects include hotel automation using data radio receivers and WIFI data links. Ed is in charge of analog and radio communication designs as well as computer programming. Current work on custom designs for internet enabled hardware has led to WIFI methods for wireless large building automation. Ed has received several patents for his designs and several more that are pending. Ed is currently working on cell phone antenna technology using fractal antennas.

 Barbara Soutar received her BA in English from the University of Western Ontario where she studied technical writing. Working as a web designer, desktop publisher and graphic artist she does all our technical documentation. She has used conventional media for many years and computer graphics since 1983. Currently she works with desktop linux for web design work. She has published a series of articles in the North American Review, a magazine originally edited by Edgar Allen Poe. Currently she is doing technical writing for Microsec and authoring magazine articles in the biographical field. She also does contract work writing technical manuals for companies in China.

 Ian Soutar worked for the National Research Council in Ottawa instrumenting solar energy collection systems. He founded Microsec R&D in 1986 to provide product design services for inventors and industry. Ian is responsible for microcontroller based products and signal processing / control systems. Past designs include a virtual reality fishing machine, a portable DNA analysis machine, a pocket-sized cardiogram device, spread spectrum radio tranceivers and a number of robotic industrial inspection devices. Starting in 2005 he has been doing work for the University of Victoria (UVic) in the field of robotic fish and a bionic inner ear. Currently he is providing electronic assistance in the Mechatronics Program at UVic which offers real world industrial projects to students. Ian has received 6 patents for his designs.

Peter B. Jacquemin: (Optical, Acoustic and Mechanisms Design Consultant.)  Peter uses holography in order to extract extra information from sensors both optical and acoustic. He has many skills and we call on him to solve some of our more difficult problems. See his website for more informatinon.

Please click here to view Peter Jacquemin website.

Several other designers are associated with Microsec R&D, offering design services in the fields of precision optical, mechanical, switching power supplies, chemical sensing and radio.

Our Design Experiences: Past projects have ranged from industrial automation designs, devices to help the handicapped, measuring tools for material sciences, astronomy and consumer products. Contracts are in progress in both the U.S. and Canada.

Microsec R&D Inc. is a current member of the Vancouver Island Advanced Technology Association.

** Our company is always looking for new challenges **