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Microsec R&D Inc.

Inventions that Heal and Help People

Newest Invention for Blind Users

Blind Assistive Device: Safety Dancer

Solar Panel side of “Safety Dancer”

Beeper Side of “Safety Dancer”.


Product #1

The Mind Body Harmonizer

The Harmonizer for Brain Stimulation, Concentration, Stress Relief, Freedom from Circular Thoughts, Sleep and Meditation

Mind Body Harmonizer to relieve depression and chronic pain. 2013-2014. Going into production April 2014.

Mind Body Harmonizer (Blind Friendly)

Gentle Brain Stimulation Through Earlobes for Relaxation, Concentration, Mood Brightening, Calming an Active Mind, Sleep Ease, Stress Management and Meditation.  

Optionally it is a “Blind Friendly” design which evolved from sales to blind folk. It can be run entirely by feel or by people with ordinary vision.

Key Innovation: It uses 40 hertz stimulation, the frequency that the Dalai Lama funded research shows is associated with deep meditation. German research shows it is also associated with Lucid Dreaming.

It has been in production since 2014 and has been well received. Lots of users have purchased them and were happy with their harmonizers. There were no returns. Some users have published amazing testimonials.

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Product #2

Radiant Beads

Boosting Immunity by Radiation Hormesis

Uranium Glass Beads under UV Light

What are Radiant Beads?

Radiant beads are simply a set of traditional Czech glass beads designed to give off a healthy level of radiation based on ancient healing principles that have been in use for some 3000-5000 years or more in Europe, Russia and Asia and Japan. They are beautiful and rich in colour and glow under UV light. Because of this they were popular in the 1960s and 1970s to wear for dancing under the (UV) black lights that were popular back then in dancing establishments. They are made with 2% natural uranium dissolved into the glass and were first manufactured in about 1840.

Exposure to natural source ionizing radiation has been proven to reduce cancers by 30%. See research by Dr. T. Don Luckey. The natural radiation improves immunity, arthritis and has a balancing effect on the immune system that sometimes stops allergies. In the 5 areas of the world (in India, Iran and South America) with high natural radiation that is 100 to 200 times above normal they experience 30% fewer cancers and 20% fewer congenital birth defects. In addition they experience less colds, flu and other infectious diseases. 100 years of research clearly shows advantages to receiving low dose supplementary radiation.  Radiant Beads heal through low dose radiation hormesis.

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Product #3

The RatTail Antenna Booster

Helps People with emergency communication using VHF radios

(Clips on back of hand held radio to double or triple the range)

Marine, Aircraft, Commercial VHF Frequencies
Still available for Amateur Radio 2M-220mhz

Barbara Soutar demonstrating the Rattail Antenna Booster.

Barbara Soutar demonstrating the Rattail Antenna Booster.

(Hand Constructed and Tested for Emergency Communications Reliability)

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Products Under Development

Magnetic Pulser (PEMF) for Healing

We are currently developing a magnetic pulser. It puts out a set of rapidly changing magnetic fields of 0.1 Teslas at a rate of 4 per second. It triggers voltages to be developed deep under the skin, triggering capillary formation and healing. The effect is well known to speed bone healing in the elderly.

When held to the skin is much like the Medical “Tricorder” from Startrek that triggers healing. But it’s a real device. See the link below where it is used to treat enlarged prostate:


This research was done with dogs but more recent work was done with humans. This research paper explains the principles.

We are aiming to have it developed by late December. Magnetic pulsers, also called PEMF send electricity under the skin to trigger capillary production and regeneration in any part of the body.

This product is targeted to be in production in early 2018.


Medical Instrumentation

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Environmental Protection Projects

Our Most Interesting Past Project in Cooperation with AGO Environmental Electronics

Canada’s First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Assisted Sailboat 2008

Canada,s First Hydrogen Assisted Sailboat. We did the control electronics for the Fuel Cell.

Canada,s First Hydrogen Assisted Sailboat. We did the control electronics for the Fuel Cell.


Protecting Migratory Whales 

Whale, bird and other animal radio or satellite tags 1992-1993 developed for Habit Research Inc.

This particular tag was used by Hollywood Film Makers in “Free Willy III”


Solar Energy Research for Heating Water

Solar Thermal experiment on tank stratification. Ian Soutar, NRC Ottawa, CA


Oceanographic Tool for Methane Ice Measurement

Our “Sting” product measures ocean bottom hardness. Used also for methane ice evaluation by Environment Canada.


Your Investment Opportunities

We have been doing advanced microcontroller development since 1986. We have been in our own shop for 30 years and own a full set of development tools for electronic product design. However we are shifting our focus onto our own inventions. We are dedicated to pursue tools for healing.

We are a small group of inventors and are looking for investment to speed up our development and release of new health and safety related products. We are looking for people with a focus on electromedicine and alternative healing. We are also focused on emergency rescue assistance tools.

If you support our cause and want to help us or work with us you are welcome to contact us by email at …

Ian Soutar at isoutar@gmail.com



We do not support the development of offensive weapons and have always refused contracts involving guidance systems for missiles or weapons research. Investors should note that right in our incorporation papers we are forbidden from designing offensive devices.


Email Contacts:

Ian Soutar at isoutar@gmail.com

Ed Haslam at edhaslam@shaw.ca

Barbara Soutar at bsoutar@islandnet.com


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